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Accepting all challenges
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I always prefer non-stop games. It is easier for me to do my gaming plans and strategies. I have lost many times by long term games cos they make my plans forgotten easily.

So you want to be my inspiration?
You want me to love you?
The secret that I hold
My beautiful
Is that I do.
But how can I tell you?
I close my eyes,
I imagine that you are here with me,
I long so much for you to be here.
But we are still strangers
Far apart.
So it remains my secret
Until a better time.

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4575 games

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Games Played9489
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All Moves303019
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Tourn. Entry Rating928

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9227 games


4681 games


4144 games


402 games

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438 games


308 games


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Highest Rating177617761776
Average Rating001529
Lowest Rating928928928
Opponent Average Rating001501
Games Rated007074
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