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About InlandRevenueUK

Yes, I do work for the Inland Revenue (I know it has been called HMRC for a few years now, but its still IR to me...), scamming the good people of Britain for their hard earned money! Just on this site to improve and enjoy the game (If you cannot enjoy it, then what is the point?) so to that end, I will usually accept any challenge, even if your rating is lower or (more likely) higher than mine...

Also a big fan of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and Warwickshire CCC

I usually claim timeouts if you don't tell me you are likely to be away. If you cant commit to the time limit, don't take the game on. On the other hand, if I time out, I expect no mercy! If you tell me you are likely to be delayed I will probably not claim the skull...

Recently come back to the site after time away...

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