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c++/c#/SQL/CRM/Java/Micro MCU/delphi software programmer and PCB designer and RF electronics engineer with a world leading company, who was the geeky type at school and still is! (p.s. CRM is PANTS)
I like to play 3 or 4 games a day, be it on RHP or at chess club,
I am into anything radio controlled and I am currently spending far to much time and money on my electric TREX 600 helicopter 🙂 and about 40 other planes and heli's and multicopters, self written Gyro balance systems and GPS Return to home automated take off and landing systems, also now into FPV(First Person View) flying, you ware 3d goggles and get a 3d video image from the air craft your flying,

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63 games

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All Games Played130
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All Moves3592
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Tourn. Entry Rating2018

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127 games


102 games


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8 games


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Highest Rating208720872087
Average Rating205118991889
Lowest Rating201616141593
Opponent Average Rating210917291723
Games Rated138487
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