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* Highest rating achieved was 2220

ICC Handle: Maniacforchess

Blitz: 2154
Standard: 2265

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7776 games

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3867 games

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3909 games

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All Games Played8161
In Progress0
All Moves238120
Moves This Month0
Tournament Entry Rating1660

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7776 games


4708 games


2332 games


736 games

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667 games


910 games


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Highest Rating175917592231
Average Rating017121942
Lowest Rating166016601020
Opponent Average Rating019951655
Games Rated0122962
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Tournament Victories

Hardcore Grand VITriskelion VISPS Club tournament 2010Quartets VISprint Duel 64 IDuel IIIMini Banded Octet IIIGrand Split Three Seven IISprint Duel 64 IThreesomes IOne Zero Split IHardcore Grand IIIOctet XVOctet VIISprint Split ISprint Split VISprint Split VTACK ONE!TACK UNDER 1200 Odd ballTACK Three-Dom (2) 3/3 OpenTACK ONE! (4) Blitz OpenGrand Split Three Seven VITACK ONE! (Blitz) OpenTACK Odd Ball 14/14 10 Man 5 inTACK 1/0 8 man Blitz DuelTACK 21/28 All Play All Open 8 VIIITACK 21/0 Open Triple 9 manTACK 3/7 OPEN Triple 9 ManTACK 3/7 Open DualLong Haul Quartets IIITACK 21/28 Happy New Year SuperCanadian Club 4 IVTACK 1/28 Fast with a big net OPTACK Over 1600 ONLY! 8 Man QuadTACK's Xmas Long Haul DualMini Thematic II : Reti OpeningMini Thematic II : Nimzovich-Larsen attackMini Thematic II : Grob's attackMini Thematic II : Benko's OpeningMini Thematic : Benko's OpeningTao mini speed dualOctet IIMini Quartets IDuel IIIReally Quick Octet 3 IIITACK 1/0 Explosive Blitz OctoberLong Haul Quartets VICanadian Club 2 IIDuel IILong Haul Quartets VIIHardcore Grand VIPC's Marathon TourneyDuel VIGrouped Random IIILong Haul Quartets VSprint Duel IIOctet VIHardcore Tens ITwo Knights Tango ThematicOctet VILong Haul Quartets VSplit VIQuartets IINew Year 2007 Unbanded Duel'06 Sprint Split VMini banded Duel VGrand Split One Seven VIBanded Duel IIICanopus Mini Banded ThreesomesMarius Grouped RandomMini Sprint Split IIUrbanus Grouped RandomMareades Grouped RandomXmas 2005 Banded Speedy GrandSeven Seven Duel Banded 1400-1599 D