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I'm not your typical chess player. Grew up poor, lived & worked on a farm ages 5 through 18. Rode 4-wheelers through the woods with friends for hours at a time on a daily basis. Described as a "gifted redneck mathematician" in high school. 3-time college drop-out that played professional poker for 2 years. 3 college degrees later, I now teach Mathematics in Vermont for a living, and own/operate a website that make a decent amount on the side. I love football (GO NINERS!), and also coach it at the high school level. Married, no kids, 2 black pugs.

I will take a skull if I see one, and I expect the same in return. Since I'm a teacher, and I play a lot during the week between classes. So if I make 3-4 moves in 10 minutes, then disappear for 2 hours, that's why.

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