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The Popeye Club Club 229 is looking for new members who like club tournaments.

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8963 games

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All Games Played18158
In Progress98
All Moves569099
Moves This Month5170
Tournament Entry Rating1618

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17850 games


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6755 games


1345 games

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1377 games


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Highest Rating167317051767
Average Rating155015381558
Lowest Rating139113401340
Opponent Average Rating143414771496
Games Rated71029129810
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Tournament Victories

Slapping the Laggards2Dumb Idea Time bankAnd . . . they're off!Smoke on the WaterNeed for SpeedHardcore Mini Duel IThese seem popularQueen's pawn Englund gambit TournamentLoyola Ramblers ClassicAlekhine's Defence Banded IMiracle in Minnesota ChampionshipShakhriyar Mamedyarov ClassicOctet IEveryday is ChristmasBlackmar-Diemer gambit TournamentSicilian Nimzovich-Rubinstein; Rubinstein counter-gambit TournamOctet IIPopeye: QP counter-gambit (elephant gambit) TournamentPopeye: Huddersfield Town CupMini Duel IHardcore Mini Duel IITOD Weekly 3 2017TOD Standard 1 2017POPEYE: SHORT TIME BROAD RANGE OCTETAustralia- NSW State ChampionMUTI FAST OCTET UNDER 2000MUTI FAST OCTET UNDER 1800TOD Crazy Skulls 7 2016TOD Crazy Skulls 6 2016French, Rubinstein variation IThe Patriots 4th of July TournamentPOPEYE: FALKBEER 8.g4The Patriots Memorial Day ClassicMini Duel IPOPEYE: THREESOMES QUICKIE HIGH BANDTOD Hardcore 27 2015Banded Hardcore IMUTI banded under 1800 octetHardcore Grand IOctet ITOD Hardcore 15 2015The St. Patricks Day TournamentGlacial Duel IThe Patriots New Years Day ChampionshipTOD Crazy skulls 33 2014TOD Crazy skulls 32 2014Octet IMUTI under 1700 octet december 2014The Patriots Thanksgiving Day TournamentThe Patriots Labor Day Tournament.The Patriots Alekhine's defence TournamentThe Patriots Memorial Day TournamentMUTI under 1750 octetTOD Crazy skulls VIITOD Crazy skulls IIIThe Patriots St. Patrick's Day ChampionshipThe Patriots Franklin D. Roosevelt TournamentMUTI Short Play Banded KO SeriesMUTI SCOTCH GAMBIT 9._d5The Patriots Old Indian Janowski variation Tournament"The Chronicles of Pain"Day by Day ArmageddonRevenge of the ZombiesDay of the DeadTOD April 2013 Weekly I (Fatal fourway)MUTI TWO GROUPS FOUR BANDEDQGD Orthodox defence, Rubinstein attack, Main line TournamentTOD February 2013 Standard I (Heads up)TOD February 2013 Weekly III (Heads up)The Patriots Bataan Death March WW2TOD January 2013 Weekly (Octet) VITOD January 2013 Crazy skulls (Duel) IIMUTI PIRCupKNOCKdownDRAGoutThe Patriots 2013 New Years TournamentFISCHER DEC CUP 2012The Patriots Benko's Opening TournamentTOD November 2012 Crazy skulls III (Triple threat)TOD November 2012 Crazy skulls II (Heads up)The Patriots Battle of Port Royal Canada 1640The Patriots End of Summer 2012 Championship.The Saint George's Cross 2012 Halloween BashTOD August 2012 Standard IV (Fatal fourway)TOD August 2012 Standard III (Triple threat)TOD August 2012 Standard II (Heads up)MUTI FAST PLAY ROUNDROBIN QP BANDEDMUTI ENGLISH 4KNIGHTS STEAN VARIATION BANDED KOTOD August 2012 Crazy skulls IV (Heads up)A Need for SpeedTOD August 2012 Crazy skulls I (Fatal fourway)TOD July 2012 Weekly III (Triple threat)TOD July 2012 Standard IV (Heads up)TOD June 2012 Standard III (Fatal fourway)Where fashion sits.... Putting on the BlitzTOD May 2012 Weekly III (Fatal fourway)TOD May 2012 Standard IV (Heads up)TOD April 2012 Standard VThe Patriots Battle of Stalingrad WW2MUTI KNIGHTS ALL THE WAY 1/0 BANDEDTOD February 2012 Crazy skulls ITOD December 2011 Weekly IITOD December 2011 Crazy skulls VIRP - 1st Annnual Thank you Madman ReallyFastPlay TournamentOne Zero SplitImproved Economy size Duel 11/11The Patriots Battle of Charleroi WW1 - 1700 and belowRP-Reckless and then Some Pairs IIRP Ridiculously Reckless Quads IIITOD October 2011 Fatal Fourway IIMUTI CORN STALK DEFENSE OPEN KNOCKOUTTOD Triple threat I September 2011Fatal Fourway #9MUTI DOUBLE QUEENS' PAWN...RHP 1525-1750 BANDED KNOCKOUTMUTI VENEZOLANA BANDED KNOCKOUT RHPMUTI VENEZOLANA BANDED KNOCKOUT RHPAC/DC "Back in Black" August 1980Triple threat #8HAPPY "BIRTHDAY" AMERICATourney 2 IITOD club championship #1RP Ridiculously Reckless Quads IISkull collector #4RP 2011 - Non-US OpenReckless Players Threesomes IIFatal Fourway #2Straight knockout #2RP - Ultra Slow PairsMUTI 2011 PIRC DEFENSE-150 ATTACKMUTI 2011 ST SARGE DEFENSE KNOCKOUT MODIFIEDRP Winter Holiday Octet 10/11SGTCC Threesome26th Voivoda CUPThree King's Christmas tournamentRP-Reckless and then Some TournamentOver 1500Threesome'The Ferret'The ScroungerQuartets VIThe Inaugural SGTCC Knockout ClassicTACK 2 Week Fishing with no NetTACK Snow Shovel (16)TACK 3 Dom (19)TACK Just Plain Back 2 Front (9)TACK Lucky 7's (23)TACK ONE!TACK is normal (NEVER!!) (16)TACK Just plain Back 2 Front (8)TACK 2 Weak to QuadTACK ONE!TACK Snow Shovel (13 on Friday tTACK ONE!TACK 3 Dom (15)TACK 2 Weak 2 DuelThe MatrixRJF September Octets VIRJF August Finale OpenBobby Fischer Exclusive IIKeppler Telescope Launch CupFOC First OpenROBERT FISCHERCory Aquino Memorial TourneyZETA THETA GAMMA IIIROBERT FISCHER XXIIITreachery Pt.2ROBERT FISCHER VOne Day at the ClubDoubles! 2 IITriples!Midnight BluesTACK Totally All inThree DaysOctet VIOctet III