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"If it ain't Boeing I ain't going" - at least most of the time! I rediscovered chess a few years ago (& this website) and am trying not to be a real chess addict. I would really like to improve my game, but am not being very successful at the moment. I mostly play tournaments, in order to get games, but am happy to play any games ( I presently prefer 3 days timeout + 7 days timebank). My job involves a lot of travel so I suffer timeouts. Having been 'skulled' many times I no longer hesitate to 'skull', but will respect any message to hang fire. GOOD LUCK!

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All Games Played1226
In Progress21
All Moves33286
Moves This Month142
Tourn. Entry Rating1316

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1165 games


503 games


620 games


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106 games


448 games


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Highest Rating131714151415
Average Rating125312221057
Lowest Rating11461057711
Opponent Average Rating129312441178
Games Rated27131516
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