Jersey Bob

Rating 1251

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Daily ChessLast move 14 hours and 14 minutes ago

About Jersey Bob

I might be better at this game if I had the concentration to study the game. I prefer random events instead of set openings’s. I will continue to play if down a piece just to see what my opponent will do next, I will resign when it is hopeless to continue.

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4337 games

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2165 games

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2172 games

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Games Played4428
In Progress122
All Moves163575
Moves This Month3035
Tourn. Entry Rating1386
Vacation rem' 202225 days

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4337 games


1861 games


2133 games


343 games

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334 games


217 games


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Highest Rating148414861588
Average Rating132913401373
Lowest Rating119111141031
Opponent Average Rating133813631418
Games Rated3726451968
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  • Last refreshed on 27 Nov '22 .

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