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Greetings from Northern California. I check my games often during the day. I also follow the international chess arena and can talk about it. Some favorite players: GMs Pete Svidler, Max Vachier-Lagrave, Luke McShane, Magnus Carlsen, Le Quang Liem, Levon Aronian, and Gata Kamsky. Also Natalia Pogonina and IM Irina Krush 😉. Good people, strong players. I'll gladly hash out a postmortem here on RHP. The cyclist is Chris Horner, for a long time one of the top climbers in the world (without drugs), and a wizard at reading races. I look forward to seeing him as a team director sportif. He won the 2013 edition of the Vuelta a Espana, one of the three elite road-cycling stage races, and finished 17th overall in the 2014 Tour de France. Other likes: S.F. Giants, history, old maps, hiking, cycling.

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