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7275 games

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4625 games

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2650 games

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All Games Played7331
In Progress111
All Moves266811
Moves This Month924
Tournament Entry Rating1317

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7275 games


4344 games


2836 games


95 games

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297 games


29 games


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Highest Rating141714171417
Average Rating129312151195
Lowest Rating11651000941
Opponent Average Rating111310741053
Games Rated843904427
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Tournament Victories

2017 February St. Maron's Day Lebanon2017 February Longer Time2017 February Octet 22017 February winter tournament2017 January Octet 42017 January Octet 32017 January Epiphany2016 December Mongolia Independence Day2016 December Haukkah2016 December Octet 22016 December Ghana Farmers Day2016 December Octet 12016 November Monaco National Day2016 November US Election Day2016 November Octet 22017 November Global Opening Tournament2016 November All Souls Day2016 November Octet2016 October Halloween2016 October English, Keres variation Tournament2016 October Simchat Torah2016 October Serbia's WW2 Victims Remembrance Day2016 October Queen's Indian Accelerated Tournament2016 October Amsterdam attack Tournament2016 October Global Opening Tournament2016 Welcome zorromoody to club 22016 September Mexico Independence Day2016 September Labor Day2016 August Groups of Three2016 August Octet 42016 August Octet 22016 August Taiwan Ghost Festival2016 August Reti v Dutch TournamentHammerschlag (Fried fox/Pork chop Opening) Tournament 2016 Augus2016 August Long Haul2016 August Welcome floattheriver to club2016 July Nelson Mandela Day South Africa2016 July Quartet2016 July Octet2016 July Canada Day2016 June St. Peter St. Paul Day in Italy2016 June Championship2016 June longer time2016 June Shavuot2016 June western Australie day2016 June Republic Day in Italy2016 May welcome Joel Marler to club2016 may Hardcore2016 May Victoria Day (Canada)2016 May Welcome janeharris to club2016 May Holocaust Memorial Day2016 May Ascension Day2016 May Polish Constitution Day2016 April ANZAC Day2016 April First day of summer in Iceland holiday2016 US Tax Day (yuck)2016 April welcome bloated pope. To club2016 April English orang-utan Tournament2016 April Fools Day long2016 April Crab Opening Tournament2016 April longer time tourney2016 April Fools Day2016 March Maundy Thursday2016 March St. Patrick's Day2016 March welcome oriole1122 to club2016 March time for another tournament2016 March Australian Labour Day2016 February English, Nimzovich, Flohr variation Tournament2016 February Valentine's Day tournament2016 February late Groundhog day edition2016 February Polish Outflank variation Tournament2017 February early tournament2016 Welcome Graham H try #22016 January end of the blizzard2016 January middle of blizzard2016 January club needs another tourney2016 January blizzard is coming2016 January Welcome Graham H to the club2016 January cold weather2016 January MLK tournament2015 Octet by request2015 October Anderssen's Opening TournamentAugust Long Haul 2015Celebrating the Gold Cup 2015Celebration of U.S. Woman's World Cup Win 2015Happy Canada Day July 2nd, 2015Caro-Kann Classical, Spassky variation Tournament 20154th of July Championship 2015July Tournament 2015June 21st First Day of Summer 2015Those Who Love The BeachFirst Day of Summer 2015Dutch Stonewall: Chekhover variation Tournament 2015Reti King's Indian attack, Yugoslav variation TournamentEvans gambit Waller attack 2015 TournamentMay Sprint Tournament 2015English Nenarokov variation TournamentCelebrating All Countries And It's People 2015May Open 2015Nimzo-Indian 4.e3, Main line TournamentApril Championship 2015April Skulls 2015QGD Orthodox defence, Classical, TournamentTwo knights defence Knorre variation TournamentApril Long Haul Tournament 2015April Fools Day Tournament 2015Giuoco Piano Therkatz-Herzog variation TournamentSnow on a Spring Day 2015QGD Orthodox defence, Classical, TournamentSPRINT: English Four knights, Romanishin variation TournamentSpring Time 2015March Dualing Skull Sprint 2015March 2nd Championship 2015Cant Stand Snow 2015Tournament Junkies February 2015February Championship Part 2, 2015January's Best Player Championship 2015QGD Orthodox defence, Bd3 line, Alekhine variation TournamentNimzo-Indian 4.e3, Main line TournamentWinter Cold Tournament 2015First Blizzard January 215Queen's Indian Opovcensky variation TournamentSnow Fall January 2015January Skull Lovers 20152015 January Members Championship2015 SKULL CRUNCHERS SPRINT2015 Hangover SpecialClub Leader Appreciating the Members 2014Catalan Closed, Spassky gambit TournamentHogmanay on 31st December 2014Hanukkah Holiday Tournament 2014Christmas Day Championship 2014Anastasia of Sirmium Holiday Tournament 2014Our Lady of Guadalupe: Holiday Tournament 2014Saint Nicholas Holiday Tournament 2014Fall Holiday Tourney 2014Member Appreciation Tourney 2014Queen's Indian Old Main line, 9.Qxc3 TournamentWinter Weather Arrives 2014November Long Haul 2014Championship Pre Winter Classic 2014Octoberfest Ending 2014Fall Lovers Tournament 2014Nimzo-Indian 4.e3, Gligoric system, Bronstein variation TournameTrick or Skull Tournament 2014Wicca & Holloween Lore Tournament 2014Fall Weather Skulls 2014Four on Four Championship 2014Long Haul Fall Championship 2014Changing of the Seasons Tournament 2014Fall Classic Tournament 2014Reti King's Indian attack, French variation TournamentLast Week Of Summer Tournament 2014Spartacus Tournament 2014Chess Insomniacs Tournament 2014Happy Belated Labor Day Tournament 2014September 24th Rosh Hashanah Tournament 2014September 22 Autumn Tournament 2014Welcoming Fall Tournament 2014The Last August Sprint 2014Tournament For ALL RATINGS, 800 - 2300Ratiing Tournament 900 - 1200Reti King's Indian attack, French variation TournamentAddicted to Tournaments Championship II 2014July Heat Wave 2014English Symmetrical, Main line with d4 TournamentTour De France Celebration 2014Reti King's Indian attack, French variation TournamentLong Haul Championship 2014February Tournament 2 2014January New Year Sprint 2014MUTI BANDED FOURSOMESKGA Bishop's gambit, Boren-Svenonius variation TournamentHappy Belated Hanukkah TournamentQGA Classical, Flohr variation TournamentPre-Winter Championship 2013Santa Clause Championship 2013QGA Classical, Flohr variation TournamentDecember Tournament 1Long Haul Tournament 2KGA Gianutio counter-gambit TournamentClub Championship 2013English Bellon gambit TournamentQueen's Indian Old Main line, 7.Nc3 TournamentOctober Championship 600 - 1299Long Haul Tournament 2013Reti King's Indian attack TournamentQueen's Indian 5.Bg2 Be7 TournamentAll Ratings September ChampionshipALL RATINGS SEPTEMBER TOURNAMENT 2013Alekhine's defence Modern, Vitolins attack TournamentSeptember Championship 2013Evans gambit Goering attack TournamentTennison (Lemberg, Zukertort) gambit TournamentALL RATINGS 2013 CHAMPIONSHIPSkull Crunchers 2013 TournamentAugust Tournamenent Rating 1000 to 1200Mieses Opening TournamentCrazy Skull Dual Tournament 2013Fireworks Championship 2013Tournament For All Ratings Part 2 IITournament for 600 to 1399KGA Lesser Bishop's (Petroff-Jaenisch-Tartakower) gambit TournaIrish (Chicago) gambit TournamentHammerschlag (Fried fox/Pork chop Opening) TournamentOpen TournamentOpen Tournament For Our ClubOpen Tournament