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About Kratic

Average-level chess player from France. I'm nearly 40 years old. I was taught chess by my grand-father when I was 8 or something like that. Then I did not play chess during 20 years and came back to this wonderful game too late to improve myself.

I've been invested for 10 years in a quite active french club with a lot of teams in competition and a chess school for both children and adults.

I used to play around 1800 elo a few years ago. That was before I have children

Please don't use computers, engines, GM friends or anything else during games. Feel free to play quickly or to take some time, feel free to keep playing even when you are lost, or to give up when you are not interested in the game anymore.

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All Games Played1563
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All Moves56234
Moves This Month182
Tournament Entry Rating1757

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Games Rated1347361553
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