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About krislewis63

What's to tell? I live in Maryland and work for the US Dept of Defense as an Air Traffic Control Systems Field Engineer. I'm retired Navy. Dad taught me to play when I was 4. I played a *lot* of chess in school, took a few tournaments when I was in the service. I only make and take challenges with 3/7 (or more) move times, though I usually move far more often, and only one game per person at a time (clan challenges are the only exception)! I take skulls (quickly in clan and ladder games) unless messaged. I expect the same.

Outside of chess (shock, yes, it exists!):
- I am a commercial sUAS remote pilot. I currently fly the Yuneec Typhoon H480Pro and the H920.
- I am an avid shooter. Navy expert marksman, pistol and rifle. I have several weapons and take them all to the range regularly. Ammo is annoyingly expensive.
- I'm something of a datahead, and program in javascript, ruby and c, all at the hobbyist, not professional, levels. I also have at least a fair familiarity with most hardware.

Note: New users with a lot of concurrent games, many moves (especially when I look and see they are happening around the clock!) all wins/no losses are suspicious to me. If you fit this description, contact me and chat a bit before challenging. I report (and do not play) suspected 'bots, and will delete those games unmoved.

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