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About ktadaddy

Hi! I am a middle aged man in Ohio who enjoys playing chess. I am also a member of the United States Chess Federation, having an over the board rating of 1510. Two years ago (2013) i started playing correspondence chess here, finding the extra time to make moves has led to better games. Though a student of the game, I do not use any databases of games while playing, no computer help, nor any reference materials, and hope you will do the same. I am playing the game as an over the board live game, using only memory and study of the position, except that my usual 3 days per move helps to avoid the blunders to which I am prone to play in a short time control. Also, I don't move the pieces around either when it is my turn as I am trying to get better at visualizing combinations and the resulting position.

A warning - if you are looking for a quick game, I am probably not your guy. It is not unusual for my games to extend four to six weeks . . . or even longer!

Feel free to start a conversation as we play. I like to learn about how other people around the world live their lives.

Update June 2014: I'm not one to "claim a skull", yet neither do I want to wait indefinitely for the next move. As such, I won't accept to play a game against anyone having a profile showing greater than 10% of their losses by timeout.

Highest table rank / rating: 184 / 2044 - August 2018.

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