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About laliv

I've been playing chess on and off since my grandfather taught me the game as a small boy. He had a big armchair and a big chess set with real ivory pieces. Sometimes he'd play me after lunch, or after his nap. I always had to set it all up and sit on his footstool. He always won and left me to work out why. I never did. So when he died he left me his chess set.

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417 games

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419 games

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Games Played841
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All Moves31427
Moves This Month469
Tourn. Entry Rating1584

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Games Played2

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836 games


412 games


363 games


61 games

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30 games


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Highest Rating159416131641
Average Rating155615381492
Lowest Rating150414631311
Opponent Average Rating147614981442
Games Rated36110386
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