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I believe an open hand is greater than a closed fist. I believe salsa is a primary food group. I believe children are our most important asset. I take time outs but feel guilty after. I love Bach and think Mozart is over rated. I believe true rock is found only in the music of the 60s and 70s. I play a Larrivee LS 19 guitar better than I play chess (which isn't all that great ). I have three children, three cats, and two dogs, none of which are boys. I still love my wife after 33 years.

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Moves This Month733
Tournament Entry Rating1435

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11522 games


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Average Rating140013271303
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Opponent Average Rating129613031316
Games Rated1606262570
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Octet IIIAlekhine's Defence Banded IQuintets IOctet IIIHardcore Octet ILatvian Gambit Octet IOctet IIIBanded Threesomes IOctet IIISprint Quartets IIIOctet IILong Haul Quartets ILatvian Gambit ILatvian Gambit IQuartets IQuartets IBanded Threesomes IQuartets IMini Duel IQuartets ILong Haul Duel IOctet IIFrench Defence - Reti Gambit Quartet IMini Duel IVBanded Threesomes IOctet IBanded Octet IIMini Duel II IMini Duel IIIBanded Grand Long HaulBanded Grand Long HaulMini Duel IMini Duel IICentre CounterMini Duel IMini Duel IMini Banded One Zero Threesomes IIMini Banded One Zero Threesomes IIBanded Octet IBanded Octet IBanded Sprint DuelBanded Sprint DuelBanded Threesomes IBanded Threesomes IBanded Threesomes IBanded Octet IClosed SicilianRuy Lopez Marshall GambitBanded Octet VIBanded Octet VIOne Zero Split IOne Zero Split IBanded Quartets IThreesomes Wide BandedMini Banded Threesomes IIBanded Quartets IIBanded Quartets IMini Banded QuartetsBanded Hardcore GrandMini Banded Octet IMini Banded Quartets IIMini Banded ThreesomesMini Banded ThreesomesMini Banded Octet IMini Banded ThreesomesMini Banded Quartets IMini Banded Octet IIMini Banded Quartets IIICochrane Gambit Banded Thematic OctetSicilian Najdorf, 6. Bg5 VariationFried Liver Attack Mini BandedBanded Pairs IBanded Octet IIBanded One Three FourBanded Octet IOctet IMini Quartets IIIMini Quartets IIOctet IIOctet IIMini Banded Duel IBanded Quartets IIOctet IOctet IIIMini banded Duel VIIMini Banded Duel IMini Banded Duel IOctet VIOctet IOctet VII'06 Banded Threesomes'06 Banded Threesomes III'06 Banded Threesomes IIGrunfeld Thematic Mini Banded DuelGrouped BandedMini banded VMini banded I