Lightening Stu

Rating 1132

Accepting all challenges
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About Lightening Stu

What are you doing trolling through peoples profiles??
It's a chess site,,get on with it and make a move...

I have the last living Tasmanian Tiger which I am now breeding from.I have a extensive collection of split pins which I like to count and polish on my days last count I had 18.
I also have a extensive collection of skulls which I am hoping to add to in the near future.

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3767 games

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1863 games

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1904 games

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Games Played3820
In Progress5
All Moves131324
Moves This Month80
Tourn. Entry Rating1215

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3767 games


1620 games


2075 games


72 games

Rated Timeouts


221 games


71 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating124312991332
Average Rating119312201179
Lowest Rating113211321044
Opponent Average Rating130012451271
Games Rated20111817
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  • Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
  • Tournament Entry Rating is calculated by the formula (CurrentRating + HighestRating) / 2. The entry rating will never drop to more than 100 points below your Highest Rating.
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  • Last refreshed on 07 May '22 .

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