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About Liljo

Enjoy chess, riding motorcycles, and family time. Looking forward to learning from players gathered here from all over the world! Why couldn't we have had something like this when I was young? I've only just discovered this site, but I have been playing chess for almost 50 is such a beautiful game.

I prefer fast games that at most only take a few days, week at most. I like to engage with someone who will stay online for a nice bit of time and actually PLAY!

I will message my opponent on occasion, as the only downside to "online chess" (besides the totally ridiculous amount of time between moves) is the lack of conversation that can take place over a parlor game with a friend. I respect EVERYONE, take no one lightly, but also enjoy a little banter back and forth. I hope you won't mind, and if you do please simply ignore the ramblings of an old graybeard.

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Tourn. Entry Rating2093

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Games Rated124796
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