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About Linda1941

Retired librarian in Green Bay, Wisconsin, upper Midwest U.S. Started playing chess on in April 2010. and as of July also play on RHP. Have just visited the Green Bay Chess Association which has about a dozen very active regular members. Most have been in the expert category at some time or another, so it's a high-flautin' group.

My goal is to play in the 1200s and I may look for a coach to help me. .. both online or at the club. I want to achieve a lot in a short time, so I will be playing A LOT of chess!

I prefer "fast" turnaround games, with 10-20 moves played in one session if possible. I play every day so all can expect a one-day turnaround from me. And, I always take skulls!

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Games Played267
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Tourn. Entry Rating560

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244 games


51 games


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21 games


18 games


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Highest Rating648703767
Average Rating602613646
Lowest Rating560506506
Opponent Average Rating888871871
Games Rated27133244
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