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lord kev

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About lord kev

Hi all. Before anyone asks....yes I'm a real LORD! Don't let my title put you off a game of chess with me. Please be warned.....I WILL claim timeouts and I expect the same in return. I have never used chess engines etc., when playing. They spoil the pleasure of the game. They're good to use as learning tools but during games, they should be left well alone. The moves I make (Good & bad) are down to me. The only thing which may occaisionally interfere with my move selections is a thing called Strongbow! LoL. Thanks for viewing my profile & good luck to all players...Lord Kev.
PS. Any un-announced challenges will be deleted without a second thought!

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All Games Played993
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All Moves34444
Moves This Month194
Tournament Entry Rating1655

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959 games


540 games


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81 games


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Highest Rating165516551678
Average Rating159715831585
Lowest Rating156015341454
Opponent Average Rating151214591497
Games Rated1866266
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