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About Luck

No more clans, I just dropped two clans and staying only with The Pawn Stars.

I only play blitz, 3-5 seconds per move, therefore, I make a lot of bad moves and miss messages.
I am no longer banned by Russ from posting.
If you live within couple hours from Jacksonville, FL, let me know. Perhaps we can hook up during a weekend with live games!
I was born in the city of Nokia, Finland. When my grandparents sold their farm and my parents the country store, we moved to Sodertalje, Sweden. Later I moved to Miami, Florida during the school year 1987/88. Later I moved to Jacksonville, FL.
I have either worked or gone to school or both in seven other countries; Norway, Spain, Cyprus, Canada, China, Italy and Burundi (Africa).
The more I have spent in other countries, the more I realize that people are basically the same regardless of their cultural or national origin.
The cultural difference between Jacksonville and Miami in Florida is bigger than between Miami, FL and Shanghai, China.
What the people wants is to have the right for free enterprises.
We must stop the government control where few so call selected leaders think that they know what is better for the people! THIS IS WRONG!
Stop the big government take over! See what it is leading to in places like France and Greece! People are starting to think that the government must take care of them, stop entitlements!
Let people be free.
Read Orwell's 1984, which is the reality in the soon future unless the government monster is stopped!
We must fight the national socialism factions, see what happened in Germany when the socialists took power!
Look at Finland today, the number one country to live in today!
What did they do in early 1990s? Similar that England is planning to do in much smaller scale; reducing the size of government.
Finland laid off government workers and LOWERED the tax rates!
Now they have a positive national debt, their borrowing is less than their lending to other countries!

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