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Apologies to my recent opponents. I have a few things happening which will take up considerable time and energy, so I must be absent form playing for some time. Rather than book an extended vacation and hold up games (which i think is unfair) I have resigned them instead.
Wishing everyone the best, hope to be back in a few months!

Just rediscovering the stimulation of chess. Exercise for MY brain!
Really enjoying playing (and sometimes chatting) with the (mostly) wonderfully interesting characters from around the globe who play here.
Stay active with lots of walking in and around the harbour city.
Am done with clans and will refuse all invites, can't be bothered with the peripheral garbage involved. Besides, I want some say in whom I play and when; and, just want to have a little fun.
In fact the more I see of this site and its fora the more despondent I am becoming. Will play out my obligatory games and then I'm off to concentrate on OTB.
Here just some friendlies and the (very) occasional tournament.
Like to play quickly, hate games that drag!!!

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