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Learnt to play chess as a small boy at Junior school, grew forget all the hidden secrets and magical moves, rediscovered in my 30's when challenged by a work mate,
remembered how much I loved the game, although the 10 year Old Me is the better player than the old git playing you.
Time-outs are only used if your not showing your vacation flag, unless you go away for ever. Clan Challenges I will take time outs as that taking one for the team and not personal glory. Move most from 7 -4 weekday

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All Games Played2062
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All Moves68148
Moves This Month297
Tourn. Entry Rating1249

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1973 games


867 games


1045 games


61 games

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130 games


174 games


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Highest Rating129412941356
Average Rating123111881201
Lowest Rating11761091850
Opponent Average Rating122612041186
Games Rated45135333
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