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I have decided to leave the site for an indefinite period. I have really not been terribly well of late, and have also had a change of job that doesn’t allow me free Internet access during the day. Rather than suffer the embarrassment of being timed out in all my games (or of losing them all by dint of inattention) I have simply resigned the lot (and forfeited quite a few rating points!) This is not an absolute goodbye, though; when my subscription runs out I may very well return as a non-sub, and take on six games at a somewhat slower pace. Alternatively I could re-subscribe and discipline myself not to enter tournaments in which I haven’t the energy to compete.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone I’ve played with over the last five years, and to all the General Forum regulars whose posts have kept me in good spirits since I discovered this marvellous community.

With my very best wishes to you all,



I prefer games with 3-day timeout and 14-day timebank.

As a general rule, I will not play against:

a) players with a "provisional" RHP rating
b) players with a perfect or near-perfect record (eg >90% wins)
c) players who were 1700-ish for years but are now 2300+
d) players who've rarely or never drawn a game
e) players whose skulls are oft-clicked

Anybody else, though, I'll take on. Subscriber or not, if you fancy a challenging game, please "message" me.

I examine the playing style of every new opponent, so if there's a delay before I reply to your
1. Nh3, please be patient!

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