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About Maustrauser

Henry Maustrauser is an eccentric planter of trees, keeper of chooks and writer of things obscure. His chess abilities are legend in his own chookyard. He lives near Canberra (the Capital of Australia) on 40 acres of old degraded sheep farm, which he is attempting to revegetate with native trees. 1600 trees planted in the last six years. He will always time you out unless you have made alternative arrangements with him. He stopped playing for quite sometime but is now keen to start again.

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2408 games

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1106 games

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Games Played2482
In Progress0
All Moves88863
Moves This Month0
Tourn. Entry Rating1147

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2408 games


1162 games


1150 games


96 games

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162 games


175 games


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Highest Rating114712051362
Average Rating114711761249
Lowest Rating11471147947
Opponent Average Rating115312281205
Games Rated15256
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