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I like cats. I currently have two Siamese siblings, a male Seal Point and female Lilac Point. Their mother died when they were 4 weeks old and they are the only survivors of the litter. The male's health is not the best, but I watch him. They are both amazingly affectionate with humans and do not mind other people. The boy is called Atlas and the girl is named Metis. they both respond to their names and will come when called, even when playing outside. Well, most of the time. The boy will stop what he is doing and come running 95% of the time, the sister only about 80%. If they are indoors they normally come when called. I always make sure to give them lots of attention after I call them, so it is pleasurable to be called. They are about 10 months old (May 2012).

We just bought a Scottish Fold cat and will receive it in 3 months from the breeder. This our second Scottish Fold. Last year a Scottish Fold (Isis) and a Somali (Strider - lord of the rings, long story why) died in our household, very sad.

I like mythology (see cats names), Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Germanic, Norse (Germanic and Norse are quite similar, Tyr becomes Tiu and so forth). I enjoy the study of people (not always people themselves)

Am married, lovely woman, driven and smart.

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