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About moggybogg

after teaching primary education for over ten years in new zealand i spent five more years as a teaching principal in remote australia teaching aboriginal students, now teaching computer technology to secondary students in cambodia. Reenjoying chess im not very good but love playing.i still blunder my queen away,not concerned about score, like the odd chat i have just signed on for another year here but on the elementary campus teaching about to move to azerbijan, yes i had to look on a map too. I take skulls as im always playing far too many games and look for an excuse to reduce my load, im best around 30 games
i have now returned to the beautiful australian outback and live in a remote house and look after schools on a 1500km sand highway and teach classes to give overworked teachers a chance to do admin/reports/assessing

my internet contact is not good or regular so i lose lots of timeouts.

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