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Marin Independent Journal
January 28 2017
by: Stephanie Weldy

"Novato man teaches chess to students to help critical thinking"

Christopher Major believes in the power of chess. The 55-year-old retired teacher believes the game puts the hearts and minds of youth on display. Chess can show whether a child is a risk-taker, brash, or more strategic, he says, and it also builds self-esteem.
The Novato resident is the founder and president of the Novato Chess Club, a nonprofit group that teaches chess to students through a nine-week program. Through the chess club, which he launched in 2014, Major teaches chess at San Anselmo's Golden Gate Learning Center and Saint Raphael School.
He also created and heads the Hayward Youth Academy, which provides afterschool and outreach programs to youth.
Major hopes to one day see chess boards available, as well as strategy programs geared toward the game, offered in every elementary school across Marin.....
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