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About Oleander29

Happily, I've been rising in the ranks of chess, managing to change my status from a strong 1300 to a strong 1500. That said, 1600s usually scare me to death and I fall back closer to where I belong. But I'm enjoying the climb of the ladder and I hope to keep scurrying up.

I've been playing competitively in real life since I was about twelve - that was eight short years ago and I'm still at it, now professionally coaching the young'uns and playing for a college team. (Yes, colleges do that sometimes!) I'm studying criminal justice at a deliciously mediocre university, and an EMT who spends a rather depressing amount of time picking drunk college students up off the floor.

Random challenges WILL be trashed. There are those who like to pick on unsuspecting little non-subs, but I don't have time for that kind of fun. I prefer to take on far too many games and think as little as possible about each one, therefore I like each game to mean something!

Skulls will be clicked on in an overly-excited fashion. I expect the same giddiness from my opponents should I happen to toss a few skulls your way.

Good luck in our games (since, if you're reading this, you're probably looking for some kind of psychological ammunition!) - and Jesus loves the hell out of you, quite literally, and so do I. 😉 ~ Anthony

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Tourn. Entry Rating1544

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1329 games


656 games


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121 games

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92 games


64 games


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Highest Rating164216581713
Average Rating160113891417
Lowest Rating154411351135
Opponent Average Rating128714021393
Games Rated71271328
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