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About oradbaforpsoft

-- I love this site, but I am taking a break from being a subscriber. I hope to return in the future. In the meantime, I will move as slow as possible without timing out. --

I learned to play Chess in South Africa a lifetime ago. Now living in the USA. I might have been a decent club-level player, but I never joined a club.
I read chess books as a teenager but lost touch with it for years. I should give most players a good run for their money.
I am probably about a 1500 OTB player.

NOTE: Unless a prior arrangement exists, Skulls will be gratefully accepted, thank you!
I make at least 2 blunders per game - see if you can capitalize on them!
If you must use software to play me, please let me know afterwards, so I will at least know what software I can beat and what defeated me.

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