Pauline Calf

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About Pauline Calf

I'm 24, single and gagging for it. No, no, i am only joking, i'm 25. Actually, I'm 32 now.

ps Please don't send random challenges - especially if you haven't even written a profile.

PPS. I will shamelessly take skulls; it is part of the game.

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4782 games

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2366 games

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2416 games

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All Games Played4857
In Progress42
All Moves154497
Moves This Month981
Tourn. Entry Rating1590

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4782 games


2420 games


2183 games


179 games

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278 games


4 games


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Highest Rating158516161673
Average Rating153114941523
Lowest Rating145613441207
Opponent Average Rating144114511499
Games Rated1264662065
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  • Motorsports fans

    For racing fans, beit F1 (or former F1 fans after the USGP), IRL, NASCAR, or WRC. All clan challengers must have a CLAN policy not to timeout on vacations. We don't abuse this, but we have lives and are in this for the game, not the rating points.

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