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About pdunne

Paul Dunne
Irishman living in Hamburg (chess) (linux, unix, /etc) (personal)

If you are very highly rated on this site, then please provide in your profile some link to your chess achievements in the "real world" e.g. a FIDE or national federation player listing
(mine is here:
If you are not willing to do this, don't be surprised if I let any game I am drawn to play against you time out -- I am here to play people, not machines.

Check out the clubs I am in; sometimes there are club tournaments just waiting for that one extra player...

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Tournament Entry Rating2040

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Tournament Victories

Carry on my wayward KnightBlack burned?!Grand Seven Fourteen IIHardcore Grand IV1000th Tournament Series– Two Knights Defence TournamentCaro-Kann GOldman (Spielmann) variation TournamentDutch Staunton Gambit TournamentTOD member request 1 2016eight over 1600love for the octetDanish Gambit TournamentCaro-Kann Rasa-Studier Gambit TournamentEvans Gambit TournamentScotch gambit Dubois-Reti defenceEvans gambit TournamentWorld Championships 2015Danish gambitDanish gambit Schlechter defenceMUT open octetFour knights Belgrade gambitBlumenfeld counter-gambit acceptedKing's gambitKing's gambit acceptedKing's Indian Four pawns attackCaro-Kann Rasa-Studier gambitKing's gambit 1/0 octagonSps tournamentPirc Austrian attack, Dragon formationDutch Staunton gambitDurkin's attack TournamentKing's gambit 1/0 octagonRomanian Dicker 2015Caro-Kann Alekhine gambitKGA Bishop's gambit, Bryan counter-gambitKGA Carrera (Basman) gambitScotch gambit Dubois-Reti defenceSicilian wing gambit, Marienbad variationPetrov Urusov gambitSicilian wing gambit deferredSicilian wing gambit, Santasiere variationSicilian Smith-Morra gambitHalloween gambit 1/0 OctagonVienna gambitYakutia CupEnglish Opening Agincourt variation TournamentReckless Players - 2011 Club ChampionshipEnglish Jaenisch gambitPetrov Cochrane gambitEnglish Bellon gambit TournamentQGD Tarrasch, von Hennig-Schara gambit TournamentCaro-Kann Tartakower (fantasy) variation TournamentBelgrade gambit TournamentFalkbeer counter-gambit TournamentFried Liver TournamentDutch Staunton gambit TournamentBird From gambit TournamentTwo knights defence Wilkes Barre (Traxler) variation Mini banded