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This much, however, I beg of them: when my sons grow up,
punish them, men, and pain them in the very same way I pained
you, if they seem to you to care for money or anything else before
virtue. And if they are reputed to be something when they are
nothing, reproach them just as I did you: tell them that they do not
care for the things they should, and that they suppose they are
something when they are worth nothing. And if you do these
things, we will have been treated justly by you, both I myself and
my sons.
But now it is time to go away, I to die and you to live. Which of
us goes to a better thing is unclear to everyone except to the god.
[Plato's Apology of Socrates]

2017: 2,157 moves [of 2,157]

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All Moves10432
Moves This Month296
Tournament Entry Rating1214

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Highest Rating115712781278
Average Rating104110981098
Lowest Rating947947947
Opponent Average Rating115211761176
Games Rated96268274
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