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I first started playing chess seriously as a junior, and have been on and off since then. I like RHP because I can take my time to ponder the position and play more accurately. I also like to play in thematic tournaments to try out new opening ideas. I try to move fairly often, however a busy work life is increasingly making this difficult. I have decided to cut out most of the one day per move games in favour of longer time controls.

I don't use the analysis board as I find it more useful for OTB play to do the calculations in my head but I don't mind if you use the analysis board. I have a number of openings books collected over the years which I do refer to from time to time, and of course I do not mind if you do the same. I will never use a computer during the game and I expect the same from all my opponents.

I play OTB chess in the London League for Streatham and Brixton, mainly for the 2nd team. I also try to play a few tournaments each year (4 so far in 2013), usually in the Major section, sometimes in the Open. My current OTB rating is 159 ECF (c.1900 FIDE).

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Tourn. Entry Rating1846

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842 games


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