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Sometimes I impress myself and other times well.....I just suck at this game. I enjoy friendly games and a conversation if you want. Don't know too much about chess other than the rules. I have a wonderful son and daughter that makes my life more enjoyable, a wife that stands by me and we make a great family. Love to provide and day dream. Life is short and I try to be a good person. Be happy and relax a little! My drinks of choice are coffee or water, all in moderation. I enjoy exercising and playing......Just a kid at heart with good intentions. Oh, no offense but I hope you lose. God bless

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All Games Played537
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All Moves18974
Moves This Month138
Tourn. Entry Rating1610

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Highest Rating162816281708
Average Rating157215681583
Lowest Rating151014961473
Opponent Average Rating156515461549
Games Rated21106216
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