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Live in Hertfordshire, UK. Married, one son. Philosophy of chess - point all the pieces at the king whenever possible and hope something turns up.

Won't time you out unless I think you are taking the mickey or if this is going to delay the next round of a tournament too much. At the end of the day you aren't gong to be lying on your deathbed reminiscing happily about the day you grabbed a few cheap rating points on RHP.

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154 games

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57 games

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97 games

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All Games Played170
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All Moves5232
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Tournament Entry Rating1778

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154 games


112 games


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11 games

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12 games


4 games


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Highest Rating180018161816
Average Rating178917981745
Lowest Rating177817781660
Opponent Average Rating173617321522
Games Rated2530
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