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Male. 57 yrs old. Bronx, New York, USA. Puerto Rican by birth, American by right! I move about once or twice a day per game and prefer playing fast games. WARNING: I TAKE TIMEOUT WINS WITHOUT MERCY UNLESS YOU HAVE CONTACTED ME AND HAVE TOLD ME YOU WILL BE AWAY FOR A SPECIFIED TIME! THIS INCLUDES CLAN CHALLENGES AND TOURNAMENTS! I do honor vacation flags and excused absences, always. Other then that, I see a skull, you're toast! Good luck people. PEACE! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 TO ONE AND ALL. I'm on Facebook as Ray Rosario from Bronx NY. Just message RHP with friend request. Cheers!

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All Games Played3170
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All Moves107005
Moves This Month213
Tourn. Entry Rating1190

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3117 games


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254 games


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Highest Rating119612831283
Average Rating113511621141
Lowest Rating10761012997
Opponent Average Rating116511521136
Games Rated53203793
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