Robin Hood

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About Robin Hood

I am Robin Hood, of Sherwood Forest, now settling around the concrete forest of Johannesburg, South-Africa (although they tell me Jo'burg is one of the most highly populated tree cities in the world...)

And yes, I steal from the rich and give to the poor, especially Pawns!

Now watch out for my arrow.... ----->

I participated in many chess and archery tournaments, in my young days, that was, my Lord.

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All Games Played2014
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All Moves62174
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Tourn. Entry Rating1801

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1967 games


1102 games


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83 games


149 games


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Opponent Average Rating001656
Games Rated00784
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  • The King's Men

    One King to Live. One King to be De-Throne. Mount your steed & come join me in the Quest to rule the board! we are takin new CLAN MEMBERS NOW!

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