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Let the Earth breathe and be free from the global warming (now climate change) doomsday preachers. Let us pray that they will gain some wisdom that the only way forward is to replant our globe with trees not only in equatorial regions. Idiotic carbon credits applied by the dreaded progressives who try to scare us for their own benefit will not save us our planet but fill their pockets. Plants absorb CO2, it is part of their food chain and give us back oxygen. Climate changes cannot be blamed on us, the people. They depend on Sun's activity and volcanic eruptions. Warm and glacial periods follow each other. More CO2 means more food, reduced starvation on Earth.
Let us also pray for the defeat of all aggressors and failure of the "great reset" promotors and sponsors of the fake pandemy who exercise the power of enslavement and segregation for the sake nobody's safety. Having said that I wish everyone plenty of good health because it is always in demand and much better year than than the one behind us. When it comes to the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel I can assure you it is much better to see the tunnel in the rear mirror.

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