Romie Dread

Rating 1661

About Romie Dread

Is da' parable of life, 2 b Understood bi the wise & Known bi those with understanding...

I kinda like da' game, bust-n outta' intellectual chains, n-joy-n strategic rain.
Welcome 2 da' multiplex of tactical pain, insane 4 ur membrain!
Sometimez i'm caught sleepin n da' middle of mi dreams...
Otha timez I might hafta crush ur psychological schemes.
My knight jus delivered da' uppercutz...
Now my rook is makin me watch u spill ur guts.
U showed me wat u no>>> Now my queen gotta' show u mi deathblow!
Jus a skull collecta, kinda like hannibal lecta, but, a ratings wrecka.

I got slayed by a buttload o' timeouts cuz I lost my net.
Well... Now I'm back, & every game will be played with wisdom, knowledge, & respect.
I've been victimized by sum OTB chessmasters & sum SOB engine casters.
Even been suckered by sum low down lucky WTF basterdz.
Who r deze anonymous cyber-space blasterz?
They jus runnin round loose causing strategic & tactical effed up disasterz.
Everybody run, everybody scream,
Cuz suma deze playaz been cast down by da' archangel's team!
Can some1 tame deze fugly azzed evil beasts?
Stop dem from tramplin thru da' countryside, infecting da innocent wit both chaos & defeat.
I feel honored 2 have da opportunity 2 try.
But on dis long dark journey, I might hav 2 b ready 2 b tortured & slowly die......

Dig da' palpitation of a higher concentration,
1 of deze dayz those dreary storm clouds will part, & da' burning hot phoenix sun will burst thru.
That'll b the day... that i will finally beat u.
The uni-verse will calm down, & the sun will slowly burn out.
On that dark BLACK Day of Dread, evaaabody's gonna scream & shout! ! !

This sexy biatch is like Close encounters of the 3rd kind.
It's jus a human attempt 2 enter da' tragically complicated gymnasium of da' mind.
The only way 2 truly Control ur fate... is.. Bi gettin.. Checkmate.

Can I get a AMEN?
Real talk, Romie Dread

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