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About scacchipazzo

I truly enjoy playing chess, especially with so many people from all over the place who share my love of the game. Along the way, inevitably friendships are formed. What could be better? Chess, friendship and fun, enjoyable games. Doesn't get much better than that! I shall hybernate and emerge periodically, stretch, play a game or two or whatever. I like talking during games. If you're uninterested in conversation I am not interested in playing you. Unless we've already started and you turn taciturn on me!

hic sunt leonis

allere flammam veritatis

caissa giocarum non compos mentis

ex-tifoso dalle cojboys

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori!

Solo poso vedere bene con il mio cuore. Lo esenciale e invisibile a gli occhi!

Prefer playing sparingly. I appreciate a PM prior to a game starting!

Opera or music lovers in general: Start a thread in the culture forum and I am sure to pipe in (even about organ music). "E lucevan le stelle" (Puccini) is probably one of history's greatest arias.

Crescat Scientia; Vita Excolatur

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