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About Schlecter

I just play for fun but I found I play better under 20 open games.
10 games or less at the same time should be the ideal number for me. I tried more than 80 games and my brain crashed. To improve my game I am reading the book of Richard Palliser, with 1200 chess puzzles. I already did the first 100. (on Mar/31/2022)

Update Sep/2022: I am thinking to retake the chess puzzles, I want to do the next 100.

(Update Nov/2022) Still...thinking.... I didn't open the book for a LLLLLONGGGGG time. But I feel I am going to re-take those puzzles ... SOON

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843 games

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417 games

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426 games

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Games Played852
In Progress4
All Moves31065
Moves This Month105
Tourn. Entry Rating1412

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843 games


291 games


414 games


138 games

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37 games


5 games


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Highest Rating139915001516
Average Rating132713581382
Lowest Rating127212481248
Opponent Average Rating140914561449
Games Rated30221394
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