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About Scotty70

47 y/o chess player from New Jersey here. Been playing the game pretty much my whole life.

I was never really interested in studying new chess openings or theories, which is probably why my rating as not gone as high as I would like, but that's OK. I can still give a superior opponent a good fight at times and sometimes take them down if they are not careful.

I grudgingly take skulls because I understand things happen in life.... and that's even after a few cycles through my rotation, unless its obvious that you have abandoned the game

Personally, I think chess is the most maddening, most frustrating, most cursed, most
engrossing, most beautiful game on the planet and life itself is better for participating in it.

Now all I need is for the New York Jets to win another Superbowl. Suffering fan since 1986

Enjoy the games!

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