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About SgtPepper99

If you like Minecraft, Free Realms, TDU2 and Ratatat, challenge me!

I am also one of Jehovah's Witnesses, so if you have any Bible-based questions I'd be happy to answer them! 🙂

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All Games Played26
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All Moves460
Moves This Month0
Tourn. Entry Rating1025

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Highest Rating102510251025
Average Rating102510251025
Lowest Rating102510251025
Opponent Average Rating119511951195
Games Rated1120
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Affiliated Clubs

  • Back in the USSR

    "Back in the USSR" is a 1968 song by The Beatles. All players over the former USSR are welcome! All players from Europe are welcome! All players around over the free world are more than welcome!

  • The fast movers

    We like to play quickly and will have many 1/0 and 3/0 tournaments. Non subscriber tournaments are also available. Extra games above the 6 game limit are also available for non subs!

  • Galaxy Club

    A club for any rating and playing style. Improve, chat, and have fun! Friends of mine also welcome. :)

  • The Jazz Club

    Sweet sounds. Smooth players.

  • Club classic rock

    Rock and roll music lovers.Gotta love it!


    A club for all who wish to play better but dream of being the best!


    Abierto a todos los jugadores de países andinos y latinoamericanos en general!

  • Superstars

    Only 1400 and below allowed in.

  • LEGO club

    From bricks to Mata Nui fans

  • Jazz & Blues Club

    For those who are musicians as well as chess players..not referring to smooth jazz

  • Jehovah's Witnesses Paradise Club

    a paradise the earth will be!

  • The Syndicate

    A chess league with organized matches and tournaments run through the forums for both subs and non-subs