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About Slitfaceguy

I taught myself chess as a kid. After beating all of my family members I became deluded in false confidence in the game. Trying to find and keep chess opponents, I developed a bad habit of throwing games in creative ways, just to keep the opponents playing me. Most of my chess experience is with beginning, rusty and weak players. When playing solid players, my bad habits are usually blatantly exposed. Lengthy absences from chess fellow by brief periods of hyperactivity are my norm. Thanks to a player here, Carissima, chess is now again in my life, but with lots of interruptions. I have a wife, four kids and am involved in my church, community and in Boy Scouts too. "Slit-face guy" is what I would call Bishops when teaching chess.

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3 games


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Average Rating120012001167
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Opponent Average Rating117211431239
Games Rated4569
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