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About Speeball

I'm always looking to learn, I play almost every day and like to keep games moving along as much as possible. I've developed my game playing on here over the last couple of years but I'm largely a reactive player in that I haven't studied any recognised defences or openings, not knowingly anyway. I tend to fluctuate from 1100s to just under 1300 which I'd love to break into, soon! So I'm happy to play highly rated opponents even if it means losing a few. I will generally take a skull after one email reminder. Cheers

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Games Played2775
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All Moves98690
Moves This Month155
Tourn. Entry Rating1318
Vacation rem' 202236 days

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2723 games


1236 games


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67 games

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Highest Rating133313351379
Average Rating122912131218
Lowest Rating115310781049
Opponent Average Rating127712311234
Games Rated74237829
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