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About Steve45

Hi, I'm Steve, 50 and from liverpool, England. Aside from chess, my other big interest's are being a season ticket holder at my beloved Tranmere Rovers. We play in the fifth tier of English football. I'm also a season ticket holder at my equally beloved St Helens. We play in English rugby league's top tier Super League. Also my favourite music being classical (I'm a big fan of Mozart).

(i) Please try and play to the time controls, because I don't like winning or losing by timeout. If I offer an Open Invite, and you accept, but you have lots of timeout losses, I will delete the game.
(ii) I don't usually resign too early, as I like to try and improve my end game.
(iii) Please don't use chess engines for help. All my moves are my own work (the good and bad).
(iv) No discrimination here. I will play Subs and Non-Subs.

My avatar is chess great Garry Kasparov (13th World Chess Champion).
My profile portrait is my musical hero Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

High Rating > February 2016 (1814)
8th Title > 2015 September Mini Duel 1 1675-1700

Enjoy the game and best of luck.

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