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About Tathagatas

Chess is a meditation for me.
I played quite a bit as a child but I am just getting back into it now,
after teaching my daughter to play.
I tend to get addicted to chess and will welcome all challenges.
Now I have a son, 2 year old, to teach the master game ~ if I can keep him from eating the pieces. (2010)

Just returned to RHP after 6 year break but happy to be back. Son is 9 now and have second daughter 5, both love to play. - 2016

Started Chess Club for my 10 year old son and my 7 year old daughter and their friends. Kids voted to call the club "Knights of the Square Table". Been teaching them different openings, pins, forks ect. It's a blast and kids love it! ~ 2018

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Games Played8599
In Progress64
All Moves237097
Moves This Month69
Tourn. Entry Rating1110
Vacation rem' 202336 days

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8286 games


2874 games


5327 games


85 games

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499 games


2729 games


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Highest Rating77812101316
Average Rating677850935
Lowest Rating625574419
Opponent Average Rating109011031139
Games Rated535175113
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