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About theonecolin

Hi , enjoy my games but not my mistakes of which i make far too many , hope you enjoy the games as well , i like to play attacking chess but this often backfires on me - trying to learn patience !

Tend to have the same openings that I am familiar with and play often

I have learnt that if i have too many games at once my rating takes a big dive , so trying to play less games to a better standard 😉

Been off the site for a good while now , but now back as I miss the games

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All Moves25238
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Tourn. Entry Rating1300

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847 games


433 games


383 games


31 games

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61 games


117 games


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Highest Rating135413541864
Average Rating132613061542
Lowest Rating130012591163
Opponent Average Rating134113841544
Games Rated711297
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