Rating 1700

About Thuriaux

Ben Thuriaux-Aleman.
I work as a strategy consultant and often have to travel so apologies if I don't respond immediately.
In 2018 I am probably around 1550-1650 I sometimes perform better if I play fewer games and think deeply. If I play fast probably around 1450.
One move a day, usually in the evening (as work permits). You can expect the first 7 moves to be quite fast.
If you are a subscriber, I WILL claim timeout after 24h if there is no vacation flag. If you are not a subscriber, let me know you are on vacation and I will honour this for the period stated. If you don't I will wait 24h before claiming time out.

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221 games

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115 games

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106 games

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All Games Played222
In Progress6
All Moves7330
Moves This Month67
Tourn. Entry Rating1715

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221 games


143 games


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9 games

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7 games


4 games


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Highest Rating173017301730
Average Rating171316381582
Lowest Rating170015591428
Opponent Average Rating153115181470
Games Rated53966
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