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About Timotheus062

I like variety in chess, having played 1. e2-e4/1. b2-b3/1. c2-c4 and a variety of defences, a wide variety is just as useful in Arena chess as in over-the-board. My opponents may see me as a gambler, and the era of chess I love the most is the classical era of Murphy and Andersen, in my humble opinion the only World Championship to elevate chess to it's true place in human culture, free of political...

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All Games Played87
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All Moves2983
Moves This Month213
Tourn. Entry Rating1555

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86 games


55 games


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5 games

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Highest Rating153816041604
Average Rating152515381538
Lowest Rating151414541454
Opponent Average Rating127613991399
Games Rated117486
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